How to register Boat Complaint Step By Step


If you are using any Boat product and having some issue regarding that and your product is under warranty then you can register boat complaint online if you have followed boat terms and conditions.

If you want to get your product repair without going to the service centre just by some clicks sitting at your home.

This is only possible when there is no service centre in your location or the service centre is there but they don’t repair that model product.

Then stick with the article we will give you step by step process to file boat complaint online.

If you are looking for quick service then you must visit their boat service centre in your city because this process takes time.

And If you are not able to go to the service centre or service centre is not available in your location don’t worry this article will solve your problem.


Boat warranty terms and conditions for online complain

  1. Make sure you have a proper invoice or the bill of the product.
  2. Make sure your product is in the warranty time period.
  3. The product should not Physically be damaged.
  4. The product should not be electrically damaged
  5. Not be repaired by any unauthorized service centres of Boat and many more.

How to register Boat complaint Online Step by Step

Step 1 –  Firstly go to Boat official website by search or click here to do directly.

Step 2  – Then click on the Register a complaint.

Step 3 – Then a form will appear then first choose your product type.

There are 7 Categories available there please make sure you choose the right category.

Step 4 – Choose your product from the list and enter your Pincode and click on submit.


(In this process I have used boat Basseheads 100 wired earphone black colour )

 Note – Pincode make sure you choose the right product and right Pincode because pickup will be placed there (For some cases).

There are two cases can happen now

Case 1 –


If there is a boat service centre at your Pincode and that repair that certain product then this screen will come.

Boat Complaint Online

You have to go to the service centre to repair your product. You can either take a screenshot of that address or input your phone number to get the address to your phone (Recommended ).

You don’t get the pickup service of boat.

Case 2 – 


If there is no boat service centre in your location or they don’t repair that certain product. Then let us continue to step 5.

You will get the pickup service.

Step 5 –  Fill all the information regarding the pickup process

(like Full name, address, landmark of your location and many more)


After filling basic information regarding your location now its time for product issue section.

Step 6 – Choose your product problem from the given list.


Step 7 – Choose the correct purchase date and describe your problem is short.


Note– Be sure that it purchase date perfectly match with the product billing date.


Step 8 – Take a picture of your product bill and upload it (It must be under 5 MB)


A tip – You can use online tools for compressing your bill image and make sure it must be clear

Step 9 – Click on agree on terms and conditions and Solve the Captcha and click on submit.


Congratulatisations, you have successfully register boat complaint online.

You will get a ticket number like this

After some time you get an email regarding it by boat company like this . It will contain your ticket number of your complaint.

If you are facing any problem regarding the whole process you can comment us below we will try to solve your query or you can directly contact to Boat complaint customer care.

Within 24 hours or some worst-case within 2 days you will get the pickup details regarding your product pickup from Boat.

Within 2 – 3 days the product will be received by the Boat service centre, and after some days you will get your repaired or new product back to you.  This whole process may take up to 15 – 20 days.

You can also check the status of your complaint very easily by the ticket number given to you when you registered your complaint.

This service of Boat is delivering the quality of service to their customer regarding their warranty period.

If you have any other query then go to the boat customer care mentioned below

Boat support / Complaint Customer Care Information


Boat official site –

Complain Portal –

Contact Number –  02249461882 or +91-2249461882


Now, you can easily file or register boat complaint after reading this article you can also check our FAQ section for some general queries regarding the boat complaint about products.

If you have any issue regarding the complaint then you must check the boat customer care support available above. You can simply call them or mail your queries.

Frequently asked question regarding Boat Complaint

How to repair my boat earphone if there is no service centre available near me?

Step 1 – Go to boat official website.

Step 2 – Choose your product category and product name and Pincode.

Step 3 – Click on submit and Fill all the information for pickup. That’s done

Refer our article for detail steps


How to repair my boat earphone faster?

For quick repair your boat products, you must visit their nearby boat service centre.

How To Register Boat Complaint?

You can simply go to boat website and register your complaint or for more details refer to the article.

How much time did it take to repair my product?

It usually takes 15 – 20 days after registering your complaint(for pickup service ). If you are going to service centre, then depend upon our product and the service centre have to product parts available or not.

How many product groups are there in boat complain registration?

There are 7 option of products groups Bluetooth earphone/headphone Wired earphone/headphone Bluetooth Speakers Cables and Chargers Soundbar Party Pal Speakers Alexa Speakers

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